Simply Natural Organic Red Sriracha – July 27

There is a voluntary withdrawal of SIMPLY NATURAL organic red sriracha 473mL due to a spoilage issue.

PDF statement from Simply Natural (Chelten House)

PSC Product Recall Form, please fill out and return to us if you haven’t

Califia Farms – July 19

Quality Issue that could effect the texture and taste profile of select lots of Canadian 1.4L Coffee and 1.4L Almondmilk items.

PDF statement from Califia farms.

PSC Product Recall form, please fill out and return to us if you haven’t.

62200 CALF Almond Unsweetened 6/1.4L 813636020553
62201 CALF Almond Vanilla 6/1.4L 813636020560
62202 CALF Almond VanillaUnsw 6/1.4L 813636020614
62203 CALF Almond Original 6/1.4L 813636020577
62204 CALF Espresso Almond 6/1.4L 813636020591
62205 CALF Mocha Coffe Almond 6/1.4L 813636020584

Clif Bar – July 5

There is a Class 1 voluntary recall for Clif Builders’ Bar Mint – SKU 37740, due to undeclared peanuts and tree nuts including almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts and coconuts.

PSC Product Recall form